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About Me… Nay

Personal Profile

Hello to all of my Cakestomers, and future cakestomers! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nay. I’ve been baking on and off for 7 years now. As a kid I had a few easy bake ovens and I always had a sweet tooth... I could literally eat cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Someone talked me into get a Baking starter kit from Ac Moore and I’ve been making cakes every since. I’m not gone lie, in the beginning I was really just winging it but now I’m doing everything I can to perfect my craft.

Baking and making cakes started off as a hobby for me but now it’s therapeutic. I stand by my cakes 100% and I’m definitely a baker who enjoy their own product. 

Thank you to everyone who allow me to be a part of their special day. It means a lot to me ❤️

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